Web Design


It is important to conduct a preliminary study as a web designer. The process is progressive start with getting all the client information. You need to know every detail that the customer wants to include in the design to enforce each stage of the design process. Once you get the client’s ideas is important to build the preliminary process as a starting point in the design.

That’s why in Creative Group Solutions we maintain open communication with the client, making the client to constantly engage in each stage. When we design a website we take into consideration the visual structure, layout and location of the content to ensure clear communication with the user. Our web designs are customized to the client, the client has the ability to interact with your website, either by adding text, images or any other type of update. Our work does not end until we complete the website that you desire.

The design of a website is not only to make it to look good. The experiences of users and potential customers of your business depends on the experience obtain from the website. During the process we advise the client and suggest what would be the best way to lay out the items on the web site, for users to have clear reading and easy navigation on the website.

Request our services for any idea or project you have in mind. We offer solutions to any project size.

Our website products include:

  • Responsive Mobile Websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Photo Sharing Website
  • Community Building Web Site
  • Blogs
  • Informational Websites
  • Online Brochure/Catalog
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Portfolio Websites