Web Development


Creative Group Solutions take into consideration each of the requirements before developing a website. First we study the customer’s needs, then we adjust our ideas and suggestions with the customer’s plan and with a projected scheme we start the application development to end with the result desired by the customer.

But we do not stop there, we understand that the use and maintenance is vital to have an effective website marketing tool. We base our designs that are not only user friendly for customers, but also for you. We ensure that the product is always accessible to anyone who is looking for.

We work with open source technologies like PHP and MySQL, and we’re equally comfortable building a CMS from the ground up or customizing and skinning a WordPress setup. Massive traffic volumes don’t scare us – our sites are built to be robust.

Some of the web development services we offer include:

  • Design and development of interactive websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) integration and customization
  • Javascript and client-side scripting APIs Integration
  • Custom Developments